She’s So Hungry

She likes magazines. She likes to look at the pretty photos.
Magazines have photos of people. They have photos of animals.
They have photos of clothes. They have photos of food. She sees a
photo of a hamburger. It looks so delicious. The photo of the
hamburger makes her hungry. She goes the the refrigerator. She
opens it. She wants a hamburger. But there is no hamburger in the
refrigerator. The hamburger is at McDonald’s. But she is a little
kid. She can’t drive to McDonald’s. She can’t call McDonald’s,
because they don’t deliver. A hamburger place is not like a pizza
parlor. A pizza parlor delivers. Her mom was at work. She would
have to wait until mom came home. Mom would drive her to
McDonald’s. She sat down again. She turned the page. There was
a photo of chocolate ice cream. The ice cream was in a cone. Oh,
what a beautiful photo. She licked her lips. It looked so delicious.
Mom, please come home soon, she thought.

ข้อความนี้ถูกเขียนใน ส่วนการฝึกพิมพ์ คั่นหน้า ลิงก์ถาวร


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