The Treasure in the Field

There was a farmer who had three sons.
All of his sons were very lazy. No one helped his father to work in the field.
No one cared to do any work. They only ate and slept.
The farmer was very sad that his sons were lazy.
One day the farmer became very ill. He called his three sons to tell them something.
“I have a treasure for you but it is buried in the field. After I die you may dig it up,”
the farmer said then and died.
The three boys went to the field a dug the ground.
They dug all day trying to find the treasure, but did not find anything.
Next day they went to the field for many days. they did not find any treasure.
Finally, the eldest son said, “Let us stop digging We should grow corn in our field.”
So they brought corn seeds and sowed them in the land they had been digging.
After one month. the field was full of green corn seedlings.
Three months later, the plants bore corn and when the corn was ripe,
the whole field became bright yellow.
“This is the treasure that father gave us,” they said happily.


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