My Family’s Honse

We have a nice house. It has three bedrooms. It has three bathrooms.
It is a one-story house. It doesn’t have any stairs. It doesn’t have a second floor.
It doesn’t have a basement It does have an attic. It has a chimmey and a fireplace.
It has a kitchen. It has a dining room. It has a living room.
The living room has a big sofa and a big TV. Our living room is our family room.
We watch TV together. We play games together.
We play games like Blockland and Minecraft.
They are fun to play. We have a small front yard. We have a big back yard.
We don’t have a swiming pool. We don’t have a garden.
We have a two-car garage. My mom has a blue Cadillac. My dad has a red Honda.
I have a bicycle adn a skateboard. My sister does, too. She’s a good skateboarder,
for a girl. We live on a quiet street. We never hear police sirens or fire sirens.
I go to a nice school. Someday I will get married.
I will own a nice house on a quiet street.
And I wil have a swimming pool in the back yard

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